EX: 1/30/2012
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Xi’an Art Museum (西安美术馆)
2014.08.10 Sun - 2014.09.21 Sun
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Transformation of Landscape Art in Canada: Inside and Outside of Being
[Press Release]

Transformation of Landscape Art in Canada: Inside and Outside of Being is a landmark, group exhibition of works by contemporary Canadian artists who have, using landscape as their language, explored their experiences and imaginations to create significant works in this genre. Looking at what these Canadian artists have done recently in terms of landscape: what they have perceived, deconstructed, imagined and created, the curators problematize the reigning Chinese vision of Canadian landscape art as national identity derived from early shows in China of works by the Group of Seven. This show will enrich and diversify the Chinese encounter with Canadian contemporary art. This exhibition will be one of the largest ever of Canadian works in China.

Link to exhibition website: www.cacnart.com


The 15 artists included represent some of the most influential and decorated artists working in Canada.


Michael Snow,  Jean-François Côté, Andrew Wright, Rebecca Belmore, Edward Burtynsky,  Andy Patton,  Isabelle Hayeur,  Ed Pien, Iain Baxter& Bonnie Devine,  Ron Benner,  Gu Xiong, Wanda Koop,  Robert Youds,  Jamelie Hassan


The exhibition has been organized by Toronto based curators Yan Zhou and Christine Platt, and Yang Chao of the Xi’an Art Museum.

Yan Zhou was born in China and currently lives in Toronto. She holds a Master of Museum Studies from the University of Toronto, and a Bachelor of Chinese Language & Literature from Northwest University, China. She is an independent curator, a critic of art and literature, a poet and translator. She is also the founder and curator of Montagneau Poetry & Art collaborative project since 2012.

Christine Platt is a Canadian who has worked in the arts around the globe, but is now based in Toronto. She holds a Master of Museum Studies from the Amsterdam School of the Arts, a Masters in Chinese Studies from the University of Cambridge, and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Queen’s University. She is an independent curator and writer of contemporary art with specialties in Chinese and Inuit art forms.

Yang Chao is a famous Chinese city planner, art critic and curator with early formal training in printmaking. He is Director of the Xian Art Museum, where he has successfully hosted several acclaimed, international, contemporary art exhibitions as part of his strategy to make the Xian Art Museum the best in China. Additionally, he has focused on public art education successfully, building and enriching local cultural life. He is chairman of the Xian Meiling organization and Art Director of the National Resort District of Xian, Lin Tong. Mr. Yang has been engaged to work as public art director and city strategist for several other cities in China as well.


The exhibition is hosted in partnership with the Canadian Embassy, the Xi’an Qujiang District Government and by the Xi’an Art Museum. Located within Galleries 2 and 3, the lobby and the bookstore of the Xi’an Art Museum, the exhibition also includes an outdoor photographic garden installation and a site specific work at The Great Mosque of Xi’an.

Xi’an Art Museum is one of the largest art museums recently built in China and attracts 800,000 visitors a year. The lot size of the museum is 17,000 square meters including two exhibiting galleries. Introducing international contemporary art to China is one of the museum’s crucial strategies. Since its opening, the museum has hosted more than sixty exhibitions, including Graphic Design Biennale China Germany 2009 (2009), solo exhibition of Käthe Kollwitz (2010), Marcriboud Retrospective (2010), 2010 Germany Contemporary Art Exhibition (2010), Contemporary Art from The British Council Collection 1980-2010 (2011), solo exhibition of Fang Lijun, 20 years Retrospective Exhibition of 1991 San Diego Chinese Artistic Creation Seminar (2011), Masterpieces from The Warburton Indigenous Art Collection Australia (2011), and solo exhibition of Jannis Kounellis (2012).

The Great Mosque was built during the Tang Dynasty in 742 and is one of the oldest, largest and best- preserved mosques in China. The expansive 12,000 square meter space is a stunning and tranquil piece of Chinese-Muslim architecture. This sacred place is graciously providing a space for the site specific installation by artist Jamelie Hassan.