EX: 1/30/2012
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2018.11.17 Sat - 2019.01.12 Sat
Opening Exhibition
Prinzessinnenstrasse 29
10969 Berlin, Germany
T+49(0) 30 40 50 49 53
Opening Hours
Tue-Sat 11-18 h
Sebastian Klemm, Silvia Bonsiepe

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Ulrich Gebert
[Press Release]
Ulrich Gebert, Gestalt #61, 2018, gelatin silver print mounted onto aluminum composite panel, 42 x 53 cm

Ulrich Gebert, Gestalt #61, 2018, gelatin silver print mounted onto aluminum composite panel, 42 x 53 cm

It is our pleasure to present Ulrich Gebert’s fourth solo exhibition at the gallery tonight. The exhibition showcases his new project Gestalt and will be on view from November 17, 2018 until January 12, 2019.

Gestalt consist of 62 photographs that were produced in a period from 2010-2018 – the same number that renowned photographer Albert Renger-Patzsch, who was associated with “New Objectivity,” used for his late body of work called “Gestein”, published as a book in 1966.

Whilst Renger’s focus after the war was to look for primary things – besides his commercial output he mainly photographed trees and just stones – Gestalt is the attempt of a contemporary take on stones as a photographic theme that is not concerned by the primary or endmost things. On the contrary, the work seeks its actuality in picturing factitiousness, in the form of artificial stones.

In today’s event culture those man-made landscapes are part of a popular narrative of deception, found in zoological gardens as well as in amusement parks. The central point of Gestalt is not the use of photographic trickery to perfect the intended illusion, but rather to carve out its intrinsic aesthetic value, which can be found in the precise failure of this “minor mimesis”.

In a time where the term “fake” trumps the term “fact”, Gestalt reminds us of the constructive nature of the things we are surrounded by, where no stone is found untouched.


Vera Kox
@ showroom

: along the line
NOV 17 – DEC 21, 2018

In our showroom, Vera Kox will showcase her works in along the line until December 21, 2018.

Kox deals with the playful act of approximation – tracing from the linear to the surface, to the object; the firm imitates the fluid, the malleable emulates the concrete, the artificial blurs in with the organic. In the process of forging material likeness, new formations and sensibilities of the transient states of her objects come to light. The displayed sculptural investigations disturb our habitual relationship with these invisible textures and patterns – the intimate, if fleeting touch of bubble wrap is now alienated from its observed materiality, begging the question: Where do cogitative and tactual experiences meet, and what happens in the transient in-between?

Vera Kox envisions tactile and visual experiences of man-made material that is quite literally the fabric of our everyday life: molten plastic, floor rubber mats, or aluminum pipes are all part of her artistic language. Generally treated as an afterthought in terms of material hierarchies, Kox instills new agency in these functional fragments by combining, re-examining and subverting their original use and context in her sculptural installations.