EX: 1/30/2012
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2013.09.06 Fri - 2013.10.06 Sun
Opening Exhibition
09/06/2013 17:00
Building 6, 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui district, Shanghai, China
+86 (21) 52520010
Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday, 10am - 6pm
Roberto Ceresia

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Wen Jing-Li Shurui & Chen Jie Duo Exhibition
[Press Release]


AIKE-DELLARCO is pleased to announce the upcoming duo exhibition featuring Li Shurui and Chen Jie, opening September 6th and on view until October 6th. The word “Wen Jing” comes from Chuang-tzu’s famous tale “Wang Liang Wen Jing”, which means the inseparable relationship between light and shadow.

The new body of works by Li Shurui furthers her research on light and space: this time the artist painted her signature light- patterns on a series of geometrical tridimensional structures, which organized as an imposive architecture of symmetrical elements, will occupy an entire section of the gallery as a whole installation of paintings, exerting a visual and spatial force on the viewer.

Chen Jie’s new series of works expand the previous series of conceptual paintings. Whereas in the “Limited painting” series the artist confronted the concept of processual painting, by covering the surface of a canvas with a geometrical grid that would be successively filled with specified choosen colors and painted by different people, in this new series titles ‘How do I determine that I love you’ the artist adds a textual layer to the visual one.

Li Shurui, born in 1981 in Chongqing, now lives and works in Beijing. Her recent solo exhibitions include “The Shelter”, Gallery SCQ(Spain 2012); “The Shelter: All Fears Come from the Unknown Shimmering at the Edge of the World”, White Space(Beijing 2012); “LSR”, Connoisseur contemporary and Connoisseur Art Gallery(Hong Kong, 2010). Group exhibitions include “ON/OFF China’s Young Artista In Concept & Practice”, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art(Beijing 2013); “Painting Lesson Ⅱ: Negative and Positive Style”, Gallery Yang(Beijing 2012); “Visual Structure”, A4 Gallery(Chengdu 2011).

Chen Jie, born in 1980 in Chongqing, now lives and works in Beijing. Solo exhibitions include “Glitch – Chen Jie Solo Exhibition”,Space Station(Beijing, 2012). Group exhibitions include “The Bad Land”, Art-Ba-Ba Mobile Space(Shanghai 2012); “Visual Structure”, A4 Contemporary Art Center(Chengdu, 2010); “The Burden of Representation: Abstraction in Asia Today”, Osage Gallery(Hong Kong, 2010).