2014.02.21 Fri, by Translated by: 梁舒涵
SHContemporary 2014: Project Briefing

Tuesday: Bologna Fiere, the organizers of SH Contemporary, hosted a press conference in Beijing to outline the 2014 edition of the fair.

Reporters gathered to listen to Duccio Campagnoli, President of Bologna Fiere Group, and Art Director Guido Mologni as they introduced the form for this year’s edition of the Shanghai-based fair, which aims to make a comeback in 2014.

Mologni emphasized a focus on Chinese and Asian galleries, with an aim to appeal to native collectors in rich second-tier cities close to Shanghai—for example, Suzhou, Ningbo and Hangzhou. The breakdown of the 100 or so galleries slated for participation this year is 60% Asian, of which 40-45% will hail from China; the remaining 20-30% will be made up of galleries from overseas.

The “Guest Country” this year will be Japan. In addition to the galleries, the main sections of the fair will be “Promising”, to feature emerging artists under 35 years of age; “Special Projects”, onsite installations to enliven the exhibition; and “Talks,” for example, to highlight the role of gallerists in the region.

Occupying the Exhibition Center alongside the fair will be a special light show from American artist Andrew Duff, noted for the use of lasers in his installation work. Added to the program this year will be an evening dedicated to Shanghai’s museums on Wednesday 10th September.

(L-R) Italy Bologna Exhibition Group President Duccio Campagnoli, Oriana Ouyang, General Manager of BolognaFiere China; Professor Stefania Stafutti, Director of Italian Cultural Institute, Beijing, Guido Mologni, Art Director for SHContemporary and Mr. Filippo Petz , Deputy Director, Italian Trade Commission.
(从左至右)意大利博罗那集团总裁Duccio Campagnoli、博罗那展览公司中国地区总经理Oriana Ouyang、意大利驻中国大使馆文化处参赞Stefania Stafutti教授、上海当代艺术展艺术总监墨天(Guido Mologni)、意大利对外贸易委员会副主任Filippo Petz先生。