Being 3 Gallery(在3画廊)
The Beijing No.3 Plastic Factory Cultural Park, No.129 NanGao Rd., Chaoyang Dist.,Beijing(北京南皋路129号北京市塑料三厂文化园在3画廊)
+(86) 010 59789875
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Being 3 Gallery

Being 3 Gallery was established in November2006, at 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China. Worldwide and locally, it dedicates for the dissemination and exhibition of contemporary art, covering easel painting, contemporary Chinese ink painting and neo-fine-brushwork, sculpture, photography, installation, performance and other artistic forms. Biennale China-Italy, which was started in 2012, has been held by Being 3 Gallery for its third time, it is committed to promote contemporary artists and their artworks.

Being3 Gallery advocates Art, Life and New Knowledge in social life. In its later progress of maturation, it was developing and sparing no effort to support works and exhibitions of creative artists such as Ai Weiwei, Li Zhan Yang, Meng Huang, Li Wei, Chen Danyang, Burkhard von Harder, Andrea Chiesi and ShivaniDugar, whose exploration covers the art history and all possible mediums.

In its early days, Being 3 Gallery entered Chinese contemporary art field from the angle of abstract ink painting, thus, it is one of the galleries explored Chinese contemporary abstract ink painting at an early time. Today, these artists who had been worked with Being 3 gallery have all become participants of high-level international contemporary visual art industry. Over the past years, Being 3 gallery have been supporting influential Neo-ink artists including Wei Ligang, LanZhenhui, Lv Peng and Su Rui.

Since June 2014, Being 3 Gallery has moved to The Beijing No.3 Plastic Factory Cultural Park, which is located in northeast of Chao Changdi. Being constructed by high factory style spaces, it has become a very well-known salon for international collectors, curators and art lovers.