Boxes Art Space(盒子艺术空间)at OCT Harbor
Building 11 Lan Ying Fang, OCT Harbor Shopping Center, East 8 Baishi Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区白石路东8号欢乐海岸购物中心F3蓝楹坊11栋,盒子艺术空间
+86 755 2690 5307
Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-22:00
周力 Zhou Li , 范勃 Fan Bo, 刘可Liu Ke

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Boxes Art Space

Boxes Art Space is a typical example for combination between mall public space and art. Shen Zhen OCT O’PLAZA functions at the center of cultural tourism and international creative life space, which integrate the wisdom of global masters. Themed with ocean, it is defined as a giant commercial space which adheres to the concept of eco-environmental protection and has creative business as the main body. Consequently, it grows to be a unique example for a brand new business model: business + entertainment + cultural art + tourism + ecology, while the Boxes Art Space is like an inlaid luminous diamond on this panel.

Inside the Shen Zhen OCT O’PLAZA, the Boxes Art Space consists of a main exhibition hall and several mobile subordinate exhibition halls. The subordinate exhibition halls are actually white box-style showcases, which can be moved and placed in public space of the mall. The main exhibition hall is a larger “art box” transformed from a store. The artistic works are displayed in big and small boxes with elaborate design and layout. Additionally, the public spaces inside the mall are all space for displaying art (from midair to the ground, advertisement showcase even theoutside plaza). The relationship between exhibition and spaces are flexible, so as to create more vigorous art environment for the whole mall, enabling citizen to encounter art when entering the mall, experience the visual excitement by art and feel mental challenge.

Boxes Art Space commendably balances the relationship between commerce and art. The independence of art remains while commerce also turns vigorous. The significance of Boxes Art Space lies in that it explores out a new model: the meaning of art presentation has not been weakened by commerce; adversely, it becomes even firm and ground-breaking.

The promoted exhibition by Boxes Art Space is the young contemporary art which possesses vigor and unlimited creativity. It attempts to present the most creative original artistic work, so as to enrich the cultural and artistic meaning of shopping mall and meanwhile promote the development of contemporary art. This is a brave try on integration of contemporary art experiments and commercial space. Through cooperation with public space, it aims to embed art in daily life and share bonus with citizens. This is also our direction and concept. Since the establishment of box space, it has already successfully held six exhibitions, receiving high praises from all social classes. Favored by the folks, it substantially shortens the distance between citizens and art, as the display base for young contemporary art as well as the public art education platform.

Boxes Art Space

Boxes Art Space

The curation team of Boxes Art Space are Prof. Fan Bo, Prof. Zhou Li, associate Prof. Liu Ke and Qin Jin from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, and Dr. Hu Bin, the deputy director of gallery in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. The whole team is responsible for overall space positioning and curating specific projects. Luo Yunyun, the director of Sun Yat-Sen University art and cultural innovation research and development center, professor of philosophy department and doctoral supervisor, leads the team to be responsible for aesthetics and theoretical guidance of spaces. The professional executive team and the increasingly expanding excellent curation talents, open mind is all necessary support for each successful and high quality exhibition.

Boxes Art Space provides support for college teaching, offers display space for young artists, renders free artistic education for the public and helps merchants to improve taste. This is a sustainable model. We look forward for more support and cooperation in future.