L-Art Gallery
Area C1, Tianfu Software Park, Tianfu Avenue, Chengdu
+86 028-85246646
Opening Hours
10:00 - 17:30 daily
Rain Lu 吕婧

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L-Art Gallery

As a burgeoning contemporary art space in Chengdu, L-Art Gallery focuses on young and middle-aged artists, and is committed to discover and cultivate young artists. This year, L-Art Gallery has been chosen as one of 2011/2012 Top 10 New Galleries in China by Bazaar Art Magazine.

Before L-Art Gallery was officially opened, it sponsored the non- profitable exhibition “Pure Views: New Paintings from China” curated by the influential Chinese art historian and critic Mr. Lu Peng at Asia Art Museum of San Francisco in the United States. After the gallery opened in July, the space has held seven exhibitions. In September 2011, the exhibition “Memory Suture: Contemporary Art Exhibition” was part of the Special Invitation Exhibitions of 2011 Chengdu Biennale. During the exhibition, the gallery was honored to have Vice Mayor of Venice Mrs. Agostini visited watched the exhibition.

In order to help younger collectors understand contemporary art better and cultivate a love for it, L-Art Gallery has initiated a long-term “Chinese Contemporary Small Artworks Collection Project” in 2012. In the same year, the gallery also invited artists like Li Qing, Wu Junyong, Chen Yujun+Chen Yufan, Shang Yixin and Cheng Ran to participate in the experimental exhibition “Merging · Distances in Light” curated by Cui Cancan. Audiences got to know the subjects that those artists were trying to research or solve in their creation in the forms of painting, video, installation and sculpture. In July, on gallery’s First Anniversary, the space held the solo exhibition titled “Life.Travel-Departing from San Mao” for the photographer Xiao Quan who holds the reputation as the best portrait photographer in China. At the same time, film director Du Jiayi and well-known artist Han Xiangning from Taiwan were also invited as the guests to participate the activity “Conversation with Xiao Quan”, which attracted lots of attentions from media and the public.

With strong academic support and the intervention of abundant capital, L-Art Gallery attaches importance to artistic innovation and academic construction, and at the same time focuses on the cross-regional and cross-field promotion of gallery brand. Based in Chengdu, L-Art Gallery strives to develop the gallery to be one of the most professional, pioneering and internationalized top galleries in the of Chinese contemporary art scenario.