Vancouver Art Gallery Offsite
1100 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 0A8,Offsite is located on West Georgia Street between Thurlow and Bute Streets, west of the Shangri–La Hotel.
+1 604-662-4719
Opening Hours
Open 24 hours
Kathleen Bartels

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Vancouver Art Gallery—Offsite

Offsite is the Vancouver Art Gallery’s outdoor exhibition space in the heart of urban Vancouver that offers a rotating program of innovative public art projects. Offsite serves as a locus for local and international contemporary artists to explore issues related to the surrounding urban context and respond to the changing social and cultural conditions of our world. As the latest addition to Vancouver’s dynamic public art program, Offsite is unique in the temporary nature of this space.

Offsite allows the Vancouver Art Gallery to expand its dynamic contemporary art program beyond the walls of the building to engage an even broader audience in new and exciting ways,” said Kathleen Bartels, director of the Vancouver Art Gallery. “In this new dynamic space, we will present a wide range of inspiring and provocative work, from photography and sculpture to video and installation, allowing thousands of passersby to encounter the creations of internationally acclaimed artists on a daily basis.”

Since the launch of Offsite in 2009, artists have responded in dynamic ways to the specific nature of the site. The resulting new commissions have reflected these varied responses: O Zhang’s highly colourful photographic portraits of young Chinese girls as the next generation of empowered citizens (Horizon (Sky), 2009), Ken Lum’s reminder of contested local histories (from shangri–la to shangri–la, 2010), Heather and Ivan Morison’s quest for alternative architectural models (Plaza, 2010), Elspeth Pratt’s spatial transformation of the site (Second Date, 2011), Kota Ezawa’s representation of democracy (Hand Vote, 2012) and Damian Moppett structural installation (Large Painting and Caryatid Maquette in Studio at Night (Sculpture Version), 2012).

Offsite is organized by the Vancouver Art Gallery. This series is funded by the City of Vancouver through the Public Art Program. The Gallery recognizes Ian Gillespie, President, Westbank; Ben Yeung, President, Peterson Investment Group; and the residents at Shangri–La for their support of this space.

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