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Sun Xun “Brave New World”, Edouard Malingue Gallery

Hong Kong, May 13 – July 6th

Sun Xun (b. 1980, Fuxin, China) will present a solo exhibition entitled ‘Brave New World’ at Edouard Malingue Gallery, which will feature the exciting new animation film ‘What happened in the year of the dragon’ (2014) and an immersive installation. Created exclusively for the show and presented for the first time, the film – which carries the show’s title – will be screened alongside drawings and installations that collectively present a response to Aldous Huxley’s 1932 seminal text and considers its contemporary incarnations. A graduate from the Printmaking Department of the China Academy of Arts in Hangzhou, Sun Xun was a professor at the prestigious Academy before founding in 2006 his own Animation Studio, entitled π. His work primarily involves making images using various materials such as color powder, woodcuts and traditional ink, and collating these to produce a film, which is often presented in an immersive setting. Sun Xun is not to be simply categorized as an as an animation artist, though – his art goes beyond production and acts as a theatre of memory, replete with shuttering sequences and jarring juxtapositions of surrealistic and recognizable images, which mutually serve to scrape the uncontested surface of politicized truth.

Sun Xun, Script for “What happened in the Year of the Dragon”, ink on rice paper, 38 pages, 33 x 33 cm each, 2014