EX: 1/30/2012
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Artist profiles, 2014.05.06 Tue, by

Shi Jinsong’s Fragile Branches

Shi Jinsong’s work is also closely tied to a traditional Chinese aesthetic and philosophy—these words are easy to write but so often used as to be almost meaningless. Shi Jinsong engages in the invention of mythologies of things as ideals...which is to say that invention and transformation are not corruptions of an ideal but rather its embodiment... >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.10.09 Wed, by

Jake & Dinos Chapman 2 – The Restaurant at the End of Modernity

Hitler’s bodyguard died recently. Rochus Misch was 96. He said Hitler was “a very normal man" and "He was no brute. He was no monster. He was no superman." What a relief for Jews, Russians, gays, gypsies, and social democrats, to name a few. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.01.14 Mon, by

On The Way Home – Shanghai Pudong International Airport Special Exhibition

We hereby sincerely invite you to the On The Way Home - Shanghai Pudong International Airport Special Exhibition of "Mingyuan Zhongshan Park Project" held by the 9th Shanghai Biennale Committee 2012. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2012.06.14 Thu, by

The Handover

As ARTHK slowly turns into Art Basel, Randian takes stock >> Read more
Interviews, 2012.05.08 Tue, by

China Kiev — David Elliott chats with Randian

randian: The biennale is titled "The Best of Times, The Worst of Times. Rebirth and Apocalypse in Contemporary Art." What’s it about?David Elliott: Well, it’s like all my large shows of contemporary art in that it gives a particular take on what is happening now and on why some of the best art being made is absolutely central to a wider appreciation and experience of the world. >> Read more
Think, 2012.02.21 Tue, by

Dead Rabbit Awards

There was one clear choice. Liu Wei's complex conceptual jungle "Trilogy" at the Minsheng Art Museum, blended painting, sculpture and electronics, the museal space itself to meditate on modernism, China, Beijing, the road to his studio and his own practice. >> Read more

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