EX: 1/30/2012
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2017.04.05 Wed, by

Vanguard Gallery
“Pieces” – group show

Vanguard Gallery is pleased to present group show " Pieces " from April 9, Five artists will participate: Chen Xingye, Mu Xue, Ye Linghan, Yuki Onodera and Xiao Jiang. >> Read more
2016.12.29 Thu, by

SNAP pround to announce New Year Eve Exhibition

Reception & Party : December 31. 2016, 7:30pm Address: SNAP 33 Middle Sichuan Road, #901, Huangpu, Shanghai ARTIST Gao Jie Gao Mingyan Hu Renyi Ji Wenyu Jin Feng Liang Manqi Liao Fei Liu Qinming Lu Yang Liang Yue Pixy Liao Double Fly Art Center Tao Yi Lu Pingyuan Mao Tianhua Miao Ying Nathan Zhou Wu […] >> Read more
2015.12.30 Wed, by


“The Park”, second exhibition presented by A Thousand Plateaus Art Space at The Temple House is part of People’s Park Project, a comprehensive and ongoing culture and art project. >> Read more
2015.03.07 Sat, by

Galerie Huit_The Illusory – Realness & Truth Invitation

Our cooperative gallery "Galerie Huit" will be holding a grand opening exhibition titled "Illusory - Realness and Truth" in Hong Kong on 10th March. >> Read more
2014.12.13 Sat, by


SNAP (SVA-NYC Art Platform) is proud to announce its’ first group exhibition, Resolution, from 2014.12.31 to 2015.01.30. >> Read more
2014.02.26 Wed, by

Art14 London preview: Chinese Galleries

A total of eleven China and Hong Kong-based galleries will attend Art 14—the same number as for Art 13, though certain names have come and gone.
>> Read more
2013.07.26 Fri, by

THE SUN — E121.48 N31.22 Part1

As a follow-up, a project completely organized by a group of young artists will be begin from August 3 to September 5, Exhibition parts will open at two Spaces of V ART CENTRE(8.3.2013&8.16.2013) and discussion/performanceparts will happen at MINSHENG ART MUSEUM. >> Read more
2013.05.17 Fri, by

Warehouse Story II

Press Release In this year, works from Liu Fei, Xiao Jiang and Sun Xun will be on display in exhibition “Warehouse Story II”. Liu Fei has always been creating in mood of “naughty kids” mood. His paintings seldom express the beauty of art or the concept, but play a game, which is alike teasing and […] >> Read more
2013.05.05 Sun, by

New Force 2: Shanghai Young Artists Show

Leo Gallery proudly presents New Force 2 featuring emerging artists Liu Weijian, Sui Changjiang, Wu Xihuang , Zhang Ning., Xiao Jiang and Su Chang. >> Read more
2013.03.18 Mon, by

Jungle II – A Thriving Morphology

Initial project: Theory of Relativity Artists: Alex Gibbs / Alexander Tinei / Bi Jianye/ Fu Jingyan/ Geng Yi /Han Jiaquan /Huang Liang / Jia Aili /Lou Shenyi /Ma Ke / Nandan Ghiya /Qi Wenzhang /Qin Qi /Qiu Ruixiang /Song Yuanyuan /Wang Yin /Wang Xingwei /Xiao Bo /Xiao Jiang /Zhang Enli /Zhang Hao/Zhang Yexing /Zhao Gang […] >> Read more

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