EX: 1/30/2012
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2016.04.26 Tue, by

Utopia and Beyond

From April 24to June 18, 2016, Castello Di Rivara Contemporary Art Centre (Turin, Italy) would hold a group exhibition Utopia and Beyond curated by Shi Jian. >> Read more
2016.03.16 Wed, by

ACAF March News – Between You and Them

The Year of the Monkey sees the first exhibition at the ACAF Art Space in Shanghai and an extension of our Fellowship Program. >> Read more
2015.12.29 Tue, by

International Awards for Art Criticism (IAAC) 2, 2015 First Prizewinner David Balzer

One of the main purposes of the new International Awards for Art Criticism (IAAC2) and of the new International Association of Art Critics (AICA), which has offered its whole hearted support, is to encourage engaged, but disinterested, writing about contemporary art. >> Read more
2015.09.08 Tue, by

Wu Junyong: Portrait of Light – Hive Center for Contemporary Art

Hive Center for Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the opening of Wu Junyong’s solo exhibition, Portrait of Light on Sept. 6th 2015. >> Read more
2015.05.12 Tue, by

Frieze Art Fair New York, Mark 4

A preview of Frieze Art Fair in New York, opening this week. >> Read more
2013.08.23 Fri, by


On 14th September the Australia China Art Foundation will present “IU-You&Me”, an exhibition of latest work by Cui Xiuwen, one of the leading Chinese conceptual artists. >> Read more
2013.02.07 Thu, by

Existence—-Follow 2013 Young Artists Group Exhibition

We invited 7 young artists whose styles differ from each other to accomplish this exhibition to observe how they explore, build, trim and perfect their artistic (spiritual) system and use the system as their unique power and mind shield. >> Read more
2012.11.21 Wed, by

Ingrid Calame Drawings & Mark Strand Collages, Madrid & NEW YORK

James Cohan Gallery Shanghai is pleased to present an exhibition featuring drawings by Ingrid Calame and collages by Mark Strand. The exhibition opens on Saturday, November 24, 2012, and continues through January 24, 2013. >> Read more
访谈, 2015.09.16 Wed, by

Investigating Stuff: Ryan Gander Interview

“Artist” is irreplaceable and useless.This introduction to Ryan Gander is also useless. Where to begin even?
>> Read more
Interviews, 2020.06.16 Tue, by

Simon Mordant
Contemporary Collector, Modern Philanthropist

Simon Mordant is one of Australia’s most prolific art collectors and philanthropists. As chair of Australia’s Museum of Contemporary Art and as Australia’s past Venice Biennale Pavilion Commissioner, Mordant has been one of the major forces driving modernization of Australia’s visual arts scene. >> Read more

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