EX: 1/30/2012
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2014.11.18 Tue, by

Salesmanship and showmanship—Art021, Year Two

The second edition of the Art021 art fair this year still remained at the Rockbund area, part of the Bund in Shanghai. This erstwhile confluence of money and culture of the British elite in the early 20th century has, 80 years later today, taken on a new look. The Art Deco structures are now stuffed with contemporary art. >> Read more
2014.05.21 Wed, by


PRESENT-ING RECITAL LOUDER THAN PAINT brings together artists to explore the terrains of contemporary painting, actively challenging the conventional framing and contextualizing mechanisms through which their practices are often situated. >> Read more
2013.09.20 Fri, by

Don Gallery’s Group Exhibition ABUSE

Abuse versus moderation is a set of paradox. Through the group exhibition at Don Gallery, seven young artists present their rethinks regarding the values and unrestrained development nowadays. >> Read more
2013.05.04 Sat, by

The Young and the Restless

Wang, the curator at Shanghai’s MoCA, not only has in the past distinguished herself with her intimate knowledge of the practices of China’s young artists, but also has the good taste to present their most interesting works. Her young artists exhibition series “Follow,” which began in 2011, has been very much worth following... >> Read more
2012.10.19 Fri, by


[Press Release] The group exhibition “outdated” was inspired by full belly of outdated stuff which was the brief description of life by the literature giant Su Shi from Northern Song Dynasty. This show will cast seven young artists Liu Ren, Su Chang, Xiao Min, ZAKA, Zhang Ruyi, Zhang Yunyao, and Zhou Yongjie with paintings, sculptures, […] >> Read more
2012.09.24 Mon, by

Don Gallery

Artists include: Christeene Britton Huang Ling Wang Zheng Zhang Yaxin Maleonn Michael Ryan Lore Vanelslande Liu Ren Dong Wensheng Han Feng Qu FengGuo Cheng Yuyang Zhang Yunyao Su Chang ZAKA Chen Yun Lu Tianyang >> Read more

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