EX: 1/30/2012
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2016.03.07 Mon, by

An Unending Battle

In his performances to date, Li Liao has addressed himself to different environments, exchanging his own presence for outcomes either planned or undefined from the outset. He has been content to place himself directly, and sometimes painfully, in public situations, often seeming to relinquish agency for the sake of experiment. >> Read more
2016.02.14 Sun, by

Yun-Fei Ji – The Intimate Universe – Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art

Organized by the Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art, Yun-Fei Ji: >> Read more
2015.09.17 Thu, by

Nam June Paik: The Late Style (1996–2006)

Randian is pleased to share an essay by leading Nam June Paik scholar, John G. Hanhardt, commissioned by Gagosian Gallery for the exhibition catalogue. >> Read more
2015.07.27 Mon, by

Copyleft: China Appropriation Art (Power Station of Art)

In contemporary society, the phenomenon of Shanzhai – “copycat” – pervades every sphere, and plagiarism never ends. >> Read more
2015.07.25 Sat, by

Clamour Can Melt Gold

As part of its curatorial projects, Edouard Malingue Gallery is pleased to present ‘Clamour Can Melt Gold’, a group exhibition that addresses the representation, cultural value and economy around the extraction of gold. >> Read more
2015.06.23 Tue, by

Allan Sekula: Fish Story, to be continued

Allan Sekula: Fish Story, to be continued 3 July–27 September 2015 >> Read more
2015.06.13 Sat, by

CURRENT – Shanghai Himalayas Museum

CURRENT|不合时宜: Contemporary Art from Scotland, a collaboration between Shanghai Himalayas Museum and Cooper Gallery >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2015.05.28 Thu, by

Yang Fudong
“The Coloured Sky: New Women II”

The subject of “Coloured Sky” is a young girl of indeterminate age, who we never see. She is imagining what it is like to be an adult woman, a glamorized “film” version of her future. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2015.04.29 Wed, by

Works on Paper III

For the MPA-B Month of Performance Art Berlin 2015, MOMENTUM reprises its month-long program of Performance Sundays entitled WORKS ON PAPER. WORKS ON PAPER III inverts classic assumptions of paper as a medium, inviting performance artists to approach paper not as a static blank canvas, but as a dynamic source of conceptual and performative possibility. >> Read more
Interviews, 2014.10.29 Wed, by

Jia in Conversation with Paul Gladston

Jia 嘉 is an artist who lives and works in Berlin. She was born in Beijing where she studied architecture, performance and literature. Jia reflects on her development as an artist, the problems of translating artistic practice between differing social and cultural contexts and the intended critical significance of her work... >> Read more

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