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Artist profiles, 2021.03.23 Tue, by

True Paradise
Dao Chau Hai’s ‘THINH’
at Manzi Art Space, Hanoi

Dao Chau Hai – a solitary wanderer in the endless exile of the mind, searching for a paradise that does not exist. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2018.06.15 Fri, by

Tedious Paradise
Wang Yuping
Tang Contemporary Art Hong Kong

Tang Contemporary Art Hong Kong is proud to announce the opening of Wang Yuping’s all-new solo exhibition “Tedious Paradise” at H Queen’s on June 22, 2018. Curated by Guo Xiaoyan, the exhibition primarily showcases work Wang made while traveling in Thailand, including the locally-flavored Tuk Tuk and Lady Boy, the watercolor series Cat, and the small Starbucks works. The exhibition will also present Beihai […] >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2015.08.04 Tue, by

Three Daydreams to Paradise

If man is the trifecta of soul, mind, and body, then “Three Projects about Time and Life” happen to correspond perfectly with these three types of presence. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2014.01.13 Mon, by


CCA is pleased to announce its first exhibition, “Paradise Lost”. Conceived as a constellation of three artistic productions that together explore narratives of travel and migration, place and displacement, the personal intertwined with colonial history >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2013.03.24 Sun, by

Paradise City: Ye Hongxing Solo Exhibition

Art+ Shanghai Gallery proudly announces Paradise City, a solo exhibition of Ye Hongxing highlighting mixed media works from the artist's repertoire. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2012.10.18 Thu, by

As There Is Paradise In Heaven

Hangzhou artist Zhou Yilun uses canvas and installations to fill Platform China, Space B with his playful takes on society, politics, and history. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2021.10.02 Sat, by

Rui Matsunaga and the Myth of Survival
– an interview with Alice Gee

by Alice Gee Rui Matsunaga – The Myth of Survival Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation (13/14 Cornwall Terrace, Regent’s Park, London) September 10–November 26, 2021 Rui Matsunaga, a Japanese artist based in Yamaguchi, is obsessed with the end of the world. Over five years she has examined the ‘apocalypse’ through various perspectives: the works of Dürer, animism, tribal and religious myths, and […] >> Read more
Interviews, 2020.12.16 Wed, by

Ashley Bickerton
Seascapes At The End Of History

Born in Barbados in 1959, Ashley Bickerton had a peripatetic childhood across four continents, from Guyana to Ghana, on to the Balearic Islands and England, then finally Hawaii. His upbringing followed the career of his Anglo-American father, the eminent linguist Derek Bickerton, who researched creole languages and theorised on the formation of human language. >> Read more
Interviews, 2019.12.19 Thu, by

News From Nowhere
Simon Lee Gallery, Hong Kong

The exhibition’s title derives from British polymath and socialist activist, William Morris’ 1890 novel of the same name, in which he imagines a utopian future liberated from systems of capitalism. >> Read more
Interviews, 2019.10.05 Sat, by

Justin Lim
Planet Shangri-La
Richard Koh Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur

Richard Koh Fine Art (RKFA) is pleased to announce Malaysian artist Justin Lim’s (b.1983) highly anticipated solo exhibition in Malaysia. >> Read more

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