EX: 1/30/2012
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2016.01.02 Sat - 2016.02.02 Tue
Opening Exhibition
上海市杨浦区临青路188好c3楼4楼 Shanghai City, Yangpu District LinQing Road No.188 building C3,4F
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SENRIGAN – Clairvoyance
[Press Release]

“Clairvoyance”,referred to as a kind of gaze,in the globalized and homogenized world with seemingly diverse consumption patterns, yet remains stereotyped in reality.Under the coverage of media, the world’s order tends to become “comon-sensus” and “tele-visionized”, and we have been accustomed the screen in the simulated world, seeing not believing.As of the old paradox,everything real will be proved falsified, and the false will become truth.

6 马立华作品

Within the reach of our retinal structure, limitations affect our mind continuum.However,how to disengage from simple iconography, namely the theme, metaphor, symbol, and return back to the nature, while there’s only temporary descriptions existing in our world, art is there to prove its role of this kind of occasional existinglanguage to the representational world.

5.4 朱谌杰作品

The artworks of the participating artists like Lihua Ma,Bintang Zhou,Honglin Zhu,TinTin Gu,etc.,are aimed to explore the the minimalist cues containing in this kind ofoccasional existing language.Through self-archaeological study,their “relics” reveals to be either visible or invisible.Gao Shan’s Video Art work is searching for the exact pieces and residues. The existence of language cannot add on or take away any of the boredom of our daily life. It’s not only a banter to erase a theatric attitude, but more.The objects,went through permutation and combination,are no wonder a kind of banter.The impulse to draw the paintings originates from the series of encounter time by time: the encounter between artists and the subjects.Seemed to be a creative move,it is actually about giving forms to the things acceptable to them.Their reconstruction to the known images is the intermediary realm in-between their consciousness and the primitive reaction,and this sense of alienation,can be referred to as the “gap”. Yue Xu’s works, from the primitive field of eyesight and the grim fairyland of the universe, as well as the concept of Meng Yun Lee, are precisely managing this kind of chaos and order. In the film”Space Walk 2001″,the understanding of the body and the universe significantly indicates such a “clairvoyance” meaning.Time and being is no longer in a parallel relationship,but human beings can only exist in the stage of formalism, just as we always go wrong for feelings and weather forecasts. Art is just like the wrong feelings or the weather repeatedly gone wrong, but yet really charming.


Xiao-shuang Wang and Shang-Lin Si would rather assemble this kind of ramble into discontinuous words,but his mourningfor the city was carefully wrapped by the visual logics, and mathematics appears to be the equation of the universe. Undoubtedly, the works of Benchi Gu are not only full of explosive power but also calm at the same time, and the mass media turned invalid on him. However Shengjia Jin holds the red flag yet against the red flag, implying the cold violence of overwhelming images through hypocrisy facebook and disaster symbols (murder, death, revolution) in all kinds of news and popular cultures. The violence ofmedia is evidenced by the fact that it has become of the life guide of our times imperceptibly.

6.5 周槟榔作品

“Clairvoyance” can be interpreted infinitely, from near or far, with the dislocation of the words and sentences, as well as perspective and perspective measure, etc., in the exhibition,diffuses something called thought in a visual form.With all these,how could art come to an end?Danto’s words were no more than a trick or political gesture.


Chenhao Xuan