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2018.02.01 Thu, by

The Time is Now: A Solo Exhibition for Nigel Rolfe

From February 1 to February 25, 2018, Red Brick Art Museum will host the solo exhibition “The Time is Now” for legendary performance artist Nigel Rolfe (b. 1950, Isle of Wight, UK). >> Read more
2017.11.02 Thu, by

Greatest Hits
Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing

The Red Brick Art Museum in Beijing has partnered with Lisson Gallery and Greene Naftali to announce Dan Graham’s first solo exhibition in China at the Museum. As one of contemporary art’s most innovative and influential figures, Graham has been at the forefront of many of the most significant developments in art, including conceptual art, […] >> Read more
2017.11.02 Thu, by

An American Perspective
Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing

Red Brick Art Museum is proud to announce the opening of “Andres Serrano: An American Perspective,” the artist’s first solo show in China. The exhibition was curated by Yan Shijie, with assistance from Sun Wenjie. The exhibition will open on November 4, 2017 and run through February 25, 2018. The exhibition takes an American perspective, […] >> Read more
2017.05.21 Sun, by

“High Tension: 8 Winners of the Marcel Duchamp Prize”, Red Brick Art Museum

May 28, 2017, “High Tension: 8 Winners of the Marcel Duchamp Prize”, will open at Red Brick Art Museum. A key event in this years Festival Croisements, organized by the French Embassy in China. The exhibition is curated by Alfred Pacquement, former director of the Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou, and assisted by Daphné […] >> Read more
2016.05.28 Sat, by

To Live in This Place

Everything that happens today is connected to what happened yesterday. Artistic creation is no exception. >> Read more
2016.04.12 Tue, by

This Future Of Ours – Red Brick Art Museum

Chen Xinpeng, Duan JianYu, Feng Li, Guan Xiao, Ju Anqi, Li Binyuan, Li Jinghu, Liang Shuo, Lin Ke, Shi Qing, Tao Hui, Wang Wei, Xin Yunpeng, Fly Together - ShiJieZi Project >> Read more
2015.10.25 Sun, by

Leviathan–Huang Yongping

Huang Yongping’s large-scale works are again taking over Red Brick Art Museum for the touring exhibition“Bâton-Serpent II”. >> Read more
2014.05.26 Mon, by

Red Brick Museum’s “Tales from the Taiping Era”

The rather (post-)modern looks of a museum made sheerly from red bricks and a garden made up only of slate-gray bricks summon up almost a surreal dream—but real it is! >> Read more
2014.04.17 Thu, by

Tales from the Taiping Era

The Redbrick Museum in Beijing opens with a group show entitled "Tales from the Taiping Era." >> Read more
2014.04.17 Thu, by

Red Brick Art Museum

(中文) 红砖美术馆地处北京市东北部何各庄一号地国际艺术区,由企业家、收藏家闫士杰和曹梅夫妇创办,2012年12月初步建成并试运营,将于2014年5月正式对外开放。作为一号地的地标性建筑,红砖美术馆占地面积近二万平米,其中包括8000平米的室外园林。 >> Read more

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