EX: 1/30/2012
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2021.02.18 Thu, by

Lindy Lee at MCA Australia, Sydney
Replicas, postmodernism and ‘bad copies’

Grainy, velvety black photocopies of famous faces – portraits by Jan Van Eyck, Rembrandt, Ingres, Artemisia Gentileschi and others from the western art historical canon – were arranged in rows or grids. They gazed out from behind layers of acrylic paint, or wax that had been partially scraped back. >> Read more
2017.11.09 Thu, by

Precariat’s Meeting

We are not only living in an era that witnesses mass mobilization caused by globalization. From the migration of population driven by production >> Read more
2017.10.30 Mon, by

Ten Tones:
Inside and Outside the Major-Minor
McaM Shanghai

Final presentation of the Proposals to Surrender exhibition curated by Biljana Ciric >> Read more
2017.09.13 Wed, by


根据上海居民们的真实故事改编。 九十九种声音的复调喜剧,《99上海故事》将九十九名男性和女性讲述的他们生活中的繁琐杂事以及重要时刻颁上舞台。 >> Read more
2017.09.12 Tue, by

Body+Objects: A Productive Assemblage

McaM Invites performance artist Luo Yueing to give a workshop of choreography. >> Read more
2017.08.16 Wed, by

McaM – 500 METERS- Kafka, Great Wall, Daily Heroism and Images from An Unreal World

From the beginning of the theater project 500 METERS: Kafka, Great Wall, Daily Heroism and Images from An Unreal World >> Read more
2017.07.21 Fri, by

Mcam workshop event

(中文) 生活舞蹈工作室的创始人文慧解析20多年来生活舞蹈工作室如何将日常生活中的纪实、记录转换到舞蹈剧场中。 >> Read more
2017.06.07 Wed, by

On Site Impromptus: Dance and Moving Images in Daily Space

Aimed at promoting contemporary art practices with a focus on performance art, after exhibition 30 Years of Experimental Theatre in 2015, McaM continues exploring the boundaries and possibilities between contemporary theatre and other related fiels. >> Read more
2017.03.15 Wed, by

McaM invites you to attend the opening of exhibition Post-sense Sensibility: Trepidation and Will

Artists: Chen Wenbo, Chen Xiaoyun, Jiang Zhi, Li Zhenhua, Liu Wei, Lu Lei, Qin Ga, >> Read more
2017.01.05 Thu, by

(中文) McaM活动预告|01.08寻音记:幽灵来信 长期项目启动表演+座谈| 荒川医、斯蒂芬·切平宁和谢尔

(中文) “把一切都交给你”展览中,艺术家荒川医、斯蒂芬·切平宁和谢尔盖·切平宁进行的长期项目“寻音记:幽灵来信” >> Read more

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