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2015.03.05 Thu, by

Paper, Scissors, Rock
—Sarah Sze at Victoria Miro

After representing the American Pavilion for the 2013 Venice Biennale, Sarah Sze has now moved on to occupy both Victoria Miro’s spaces in London, in what is in fact Sze’s third exhibition with the gallery. >> Read more
2016.07.22 Fri, by

Asian Cultural Council Announces 2016 Hong Kong and China Grantees

Hong Kong, China – Among a total of 73 talented individuals receiving the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) fellowships in Asia, >> Read more
2015.06.26 Fri, by

Art Basel 2015—The Pleasure Dome

Ah Basel, here we are again, like Swann returning to Odette. Each year the Bratwurst are more expensive than the year before but they come so snuggly packed in a Swissly folded napkin. You can't say no.
>> Read more
Art World, 2013.11.08 Fri, by

Opening Time Capsules: Song Dong’s “Waste Not” at the 5th Moscow Biennale

The 5th Moscow Biennale is curated by Catherine de Zegher with the title derived from Goethe's famous last words: “More light!” “More Light” is not a blinding lineup of spotlight-wary, biennial-ized superstars... >> Read more
Art World, 2012.05.25 Fri, by

Does China Need Book Art?

A discussion of the exhibition "Do a Book", in conversation with curator Katherine Don >> Read more
Art World, 2016.12.03 Sat, by

Blindspot Gallery – Opening (3 Dec): “→” by 16 Hong Kong artists

Blindspot Gallery is delighted to present “→”, a 3-week experimental exhibition convened by artists Trevor Yeung and South Ho Siu Nam. >> Read more
Art World, 2015.04.29 Wed, by

Works on Paper III

For the MPA-B Month of Performance Art Berlin 2015, MOMENTUM reprises its month-long program of Performance Sundays entitled WORKS ON PAPER. WORKS ON PAPER III inverts classic assumptions of paper as a medium, inviting performance artists to approach paper not as a static blank canvas, but as a dynamic source of conceptual and performative possibility. >> Read more
Art World, 2013.12.11 Wed, by

MOMENTUM presents Thresholds I TRAFO

THRESHOLDS is a cooperation between MOMENTUM, the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, and TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art. This second edition includes an Artist Residency Exchange and additional video works from the MOMENTUM and .CHB programs. >> Read more