EX: 1/30/2012
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2016.01.05 Tue, by

Ink Asia 2015

when artists translate philosophical ideas into visual icons and then claim them as ink art without due reflection, the so-called “Eastern spirit”—embodying Confucian, Taoist, Buddhist ideas and what not—would inevitably become a mere means to an end... >> Read more
2015.12.09 Wed, by

The world is our home. A poem on abstraction

Para Site is pleased to present The world is our home. >> Read more
2015.11.25 Wed, by

Para Site presents post-war art in strokes & gestures by RobertMotherwell, Bruce Nauman, Tomie Ohtake & Tang Chang

Para Site is pleased to present The world is our home. A poem on abstraction, featuring worksby Robert Motherwell, Bruce Nauman, Tomie Ohtake, and Tang Chang. >> Read more
2015.10.31 Sat, by


Faurschou Foundation is happy to present the first solo exhibition with the world-renowned artist Yoko Ono in Beijing. The exhibition will offer the public an opportunity to participate in her interactive art and take part in her honest and utopian, yet forceful, universe and life philosophy. The exhibition shows a variety of works from Yoko […] >> Read more
2013.09.27 Fri, by

Performance: SAVAKA—— Lost Image…Real Sound

The performance covered equal willpower documentary fairy tale by derivative instruments and sound equipment with a piece of music and imagery woven together, talked for a variety of aesthetic tend piled up by desires force. >> Read more
2012.11.05 Mon, by

From the (Ridiculously) Sublime to the (Sublimely) Ridiculous

Paul Gladston and Ge Si Di in conversation about the Shanghai Biennale, Geng Jianyi at Minsheng Museum, and Jacques Derrida's "Glas". >> Read more
2012.04.30 Mon, by

The Fall of a Curator:

“Nostalgia,” a contemporary East Asian art exhibition, opened recently at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art. Presenting works by 14 Chinese, Japanese, and Korean artists, the exhibition puts forward the wish for a certain nostalgia towards the traditional arts... >> Read more
2018.04.26 Thu, by

Wang Dongling: Poetry and Painting

During the week that Wang Dongling was in New York for the opening of the exhibition Wang Dongling: Poetry and Painting at Chambers Fine Art on February 28, 2018 he gave three public demonstrations of calligraphy that for those lucky enough to witness them revealed why calligraphy has long been revered above all other forms of visual art in China. >> Read more
2017.07.30 Sun, by

Lévy Gorvy New York

New York, NY, July 24, 2017 — Lévy Gorvy’s first New York exhibition with American artist Pat Steir will fill the public floors of the gallery’s landmark building at 909 Madison Avenue >> Read more

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