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2016.12.14 Wed, by

Review: “New Order”

French art group Agapanthe’s solo show “New Order”, curated by Lu Mingjun, is Wuhan International Art Center’s first attempt to introduce a residency program into their exhibition process. >> Read more
2016.11.25 Fri, by

Shanghai Gold Rush Part 1: West Bund Art & Design

I stepped off the plane, inhaled deeply, and choked on the news that America had elected Donald Duck as president. Had the plane actually crashed in a massive ball of fire without me noticing? >> Read more
2016.11.22 Tue, by

Pearl Lam Galleries

Singapore—Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Chinese born artist Su Xiaobai (b. 1949, Wuhan, China). Su’s highly contemporary artworks combine the vocabulary of an international artistic style, cultivated during his studies in Germany, with an aesthetic and philosophical practice rooted in Chinese tradition. Self-restraint is at the core of Su […] >> Read more
2016.11.16 Wed, by

K11 Art Foundation and Palais de Tokyo, Paris, to continue partnership with new residency exchange

The K11 Art Foundation (KAF) and Palais de Tokyo, Paris, are delighted to announce the continuation of their three-year partnership through a residency exchange between the two organisations. >> Read more
2016.11.15 Tue, by

Luminescence: Su Xiaobai solo exhibition, Pearl Lam Galleries

Singapore—Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to present a solo exhibition of Chinese born artist Su Xiaobai >> Read more
2016.11.04 Fri, by

2016 ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair(November 10th to 13th 2016)

With 2015 ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair successfully held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center for the first time, the 2016 edition will continue on its previous success and take place from November 10th to 13th 2016. >> Read more
2016.10.28 Fri, by

Zhan Rui: 7278/12

Gallery 55 is proud to present Wuhan based artist Zhan Rui’s first solo exhibition in Shanghai “7278/12” from the 8th of Nov. through the 4th of Dec. 2016. >> Read more
2016.10.17 Mon, by

“Right Misplacement”
A+ Contemporary

A+ Contemporary is pleased to present the opening of artist He Yida’s solo exhibition “Right Misplacement” on October 29th, 2016. >> Read more
2016.10.13 Thu, by

“When We Become Us” – Capsule

Capsule, a new gallery in the heart of Shanghai’s Former French Concession, >> Read more
2016.09.30 Fri, by

Wang Du Post-Fetishism

We are also proud to announce our solo exhibition “Wang Du - Post-Fetishism” will open that same day, featuring all-new installation work by Paris-based Chinese artist Wang Du. >> Read more

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