EX: 1/30/2012
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2019.07.25 Thu, by

Motional and Motionless
You Jin & Zhang Yingnan
AYE Gallery

Zhou Dunyi, a famous ideologist in the Northern Song dynasty, mused in his Tai Ji Diagram that at the beginning of the universe it was Wuji, >> Read more
2018.05.03 Thu, by

Dan Colen
“Mailorder Mother Purgatory”
Lévy Gorvy New York

New York, NY— Lévy Gorvy will debut new paintings and sculpture by Dan Colen in the artist’s inaugural exhibition at the gallery, opening May 2nd. Dan Colen: Mailorder Mother Purgatory will present three recent bodies of works that focus on technical innovation in pursuit of ambience and emotional depth. The exhibition, which will run through […] >> Read more
2018.03.22 Thu, by

Xavier Cha – Ruthless Logic | Jes Fan – Mother Is A Woman

In celebration of Hong Kong Art Week and the opening of our two March exhibitions, Xavier Cha - Ruthless Logic and Jes Fan - Mother Is A Woman, Empty Gallery will host an all-night opening party featuring a performance of speculative bebop and imaginary free jazz by the London/Paris-based acoustic quartet Ahmed followed by an evening of intense leftfield dance music brought to us by DJs Cera Khin, Mumdance & Logos, and Rob Hall. RSVP is essential. >> Read more
2018.01.29 Mon, by

Disturbed Emotion
Leo Gallery Hong Kong

Leo Gallery Hong Kong is pleased to present Chinese artist Han Jinpeng's solo exhibition "Disturbed Emotion", with an array of his most representative works. >> Read more
2017.09.05 Tue, by

‘Everything Visible Is Empty’
Empty Gallery, Hong Kong

Empty Gallery is pleased to present Toshio Matsumoto: Everything Visible Is Empty, a retrospective exhibition of the late experimental filmmaker and visual theorist, examining arguably his most fertile artistic period: the years 1960 to 1979. Emerging from the same post-war creative ferment as counter-cultural figures like playwright Shuji Terayama, pop artist Tadanori Yokoo, and novelist […] >> Read more
2017.06.21 Wed, by

Walking the walk – OptiTrack Motion Tracking for VR and Real-Time

Walking the walk – OptiTrack Motion Tracking for VR and Real-Time: A workshop by Andrej Boleslavský (Current artist in residence at CAC_Lab) >> Read more
2017.03.14 Tue, by

“Motif and Material” – Tang Contemporary Art – Hong Kong

Opening March 20th, 2017 during the week of Art Basel Hong Kong, Tang Contemporary Art presents a curated group exhibition at their Hong Kong gallery by Bao Dong, featuring the works of six contemporary artists from China - Cai Lei, Shen Liang, Wang Jun, Wang Ningde, Yan Bing and Zang Kunkun. >> Read more
2017.02.22 Wed, by


KERJASAMA, or ‘COLLABORATE’, is a reciprocal visual arts residency between an Australian and an Indonesian artist. Kerjasama was launched in 2014 through Asialink’s arts residency laboratory, in partnership with Artback NT, Australia and Cemeti Art House, Indonesia. This exchange residency program is supported by the Australian Government through the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program, […] >> Read more
2016.10.30 Sun, by

- Presented by TIMOTHY TAYLOR
West Broadway and Spring

(London, Sep 26, 2016) Timothy Taylor is honoured to present the first large-scale exhibition of Alex Katz in China. Now in his 89th year >> Read more

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