OCAT Institute
OCAT Institute, Jinchanxilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing. 北京朝阳区金蝉西路OCAT研究中心
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Tuesday–Sunday 10am–5pm

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OCAT Institute (Beijing)

The OCAT Institute is a non-profit research center dedicated to the history of art and its related discourses. It is also a member of the OCAT Museum Group. The Institute has three main areas of activity: publication, archives, and exhibition. The scope of its research encompasses the investigation of artists, artworks, schools of art production, exhibitions, art discourses, as well as art institutions, publications, and other aspects of art’s overall ecosystem. It will establish a research archive and facilitate dialogue and exchange between China and the rest of the world. In addition, it will serve as an exhibition platform in Beijing.

The OCAT Institute aims to establish a paradigm of values, a system of academic investigation, and modes of applying historical research methodologies to modern and contemporary Chinese art. Through an interdisciplinary approach that bridges contemporary art research, critical theory, and the history of ideas and culture, it promotes an integrated methodology that seeks to cultivate an open spirit of academic research. The OCAT Institute will open to the public in 2015.

OCAT Institute is divided into five departments, including Administration, Research and Publication, Public Programs, Archives, and
The Administration Department is in charge of the overall operation of the Institute and general maintenance.
The Research and Publication Department collects research information, expands the research network, and oversees the research, publication, and exhibition projects of the Institute.
The Public Programs Department is responsible for organizing the OCAT Annual Lecture Series, scholar residence and other initiatives related to public education and promotion.
The Archives Department manages the OCAT Archives, and works together with the Public Programs Department in organizing archives related events.
The Exhibition Department is responsible for organizing the OCAT Institute annual exhibition.

Add: OCAT Institute, Jinchanxilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing.
Email: info@ocatinstitute.org.cn
Weibo: @OCT当代艺术中心北京
Wechat: ocatinstitute
Tel: 010-67375418

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