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2016.09.21 Wed, by

Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum – “Abstraction and Beyond: A Research-Based Tour Exhibition of Chinese Art”

Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum is pleased to present “Abstraction and Beyond: A Research-Based Tour Exhibition of Chinese Abstract Art”. >> Read more
2016.07.18 Mon, by

Changing@ Inner Needs

Artists: Liu Wentao, Su Yuhan, Yang Liming, Yan Yan, Yin Ge Curator: Jiang Yuehong Exhibition Period: July 13th – August 31st, 2016 Opening Date: 3:00 p.m., July 13th, 2016 Venue: Lelege Art Address: B-03, Ground Floor Store, No.66 Xiaguangli,North Road of East Third Ring, Chaoyang District,Beijing. Introduction: While the 2014 exhibition “Changing: Abstracts in China” […] >> Read more
2016.07.02 Sat, by

LIKE SING AND DANCING John Mclean’s Abstract Paintings

(中文) 苏格兰抽象画家约翰.麦克林(John McLean)是欧洲最重要的抽象艺术家之一,《歌之舞之》是对他跨越半个世纪的创作生涯的一次小型回顾展。 >> Read more
2016.04.26 Tue, by

Poétique: The 9th Annual Exhibition of Abstract Art

PIFO Gallery is pleased to present Poétique: The 9th Annual Exhibition of Abstract Art. The investigation and on-going consideration of abstraction has become a signature part of the PIFO calendar over the last decade. >> Read more
2016.01.19 Tue, by

“The Third Abstraction” & “Zhu Qingsheng”

Professor Zhu Qingsheng, of the history department at Peking University, has divided the development of abstract art into three stages..."The Third Abstraction” returns to the essence of human nature, that chemical reaction as the body comes into contact with matter, and the spiritual nurturing from within... >> Read more
2015.11.28 Sat, by

Why Abstract Painting still Matters
– recent London Shows

Four recent shows in London remind us why “abstract” painting remains compelling for understanding what painting is. Each show eschewed the decorative “tail-feather” displays of what is now commonly known as "zombie abstraction." >> Read more
2015.09.16 Wed, by

Chronus Art Center (CAC) is pleased to announce that the inaugural CAC Research/Creation Fellowship (USD$30,000) has been awarded to Daniel Franke

CAC inaugural Research/Creation Fellowship (USD$30,000) awarded to Daniel Franke for his project proposal “Abstract History Machine.” >> Read more
2015.08.19 Wed, by
2015.08.11 Tue, by

“Fields of Abstraction”
Curated by Justin Charles Hoover
Galerie du Monde

Hong Kong, August 6, 2015 – Galerie du Monde is pleased to announce Fields of Abstraction, a group exhibition curated by Justin Charles Hoover, >> Read more
2015.05.11 Mon, by

Abstract 01 555543211231357 01

L-Art Gallery brings the new exhibition on 16th May: “Abstract 01 555543211231357 01”with the new creation of artists Chen Yufan, Chi Qun, Dong Dawei and Qian Jiahua. >> Read more

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