EX: 1/30/2012
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2014.09.26 Fri, by

Post – Photography

The four artists on exhibit share a common acuity in adapting the camera’s lens and photo images for non-traditional purposes. >> Read more
Commentary, 2014.09.22 Mon, by

South of Beijing, West of Shanghai: Survey of Museums in China

The purpose of a whirlwind museum tour was to explore what China might do with roughly 5,000 new museums built in the past decade. This is a phenomenon marked by a dearth of reliable information.
>> Read more
Commentary, 2014.07.05 Sat, by


It doesn't come as a surprise that Xu Zhen is regularly referred to as a trickster, an art chameleon and as a prankster. >> Read more
Commentary, 2014.05.28 Wed, by

Art Prize Gala: The 8th AAC Art China Awards for the Most Influential

On the evening of May 23, the ACC Awards Art China for the Most Influential held its award ceremony in Cining Palace (“Palace of Benevolent Tranquility”) within the Forbidden City in Beijing.
>> Read more
momentum, 2014.05.07 Wed, by


A conversation between Li Zhenhua and David Elliott, curators of "PANDAMONIUM: Media art from Shanghai" >> Read more
momentum, 2014.01.24 Fri, by

Centering the Periphery

While not as radical in scope or production as the historical show, Yangjiang Group’s stance remains just as resolute in their obdurate disregard for artistic as well as social mandates.While Beijing and Shanghai may stand as the geographical centers of artistic influence, artists such as the Yangjiang Group are successfully asserting their peripheral locale as the site of critical consideration. >> Read more
momentum, 2013.10.29 Tue, by

Atul Dodiya — Duplicator’s Dilemma

10 Chancery Lane Gallery is proud to present Atul Dodiya for his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, Duplicator’s Dilemna, following his opening survey at the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi. >> Read more
momentum, 2013.10.28 Mon, by

Lindy Lee — “Universal Record of the Flame”

10 Chancery Lane Gallery is proud to present Universal Record of the Flame, a solo exhibition by Australian artist Lindy Lee. In this exhibition Lindy Lee presents a new series of bronze and metal works. >> Read more
Interviews, 2013.01.15 Tue, by

I am the World, I Want to Be Forgotten: Interview with Ai Weiwei

Randian Editor Iona Whittaker in conversation with Ai Weiwei — Chinese artist, writer, filmmaker and commentator — at his Beijing studio. The year 2012 marked his release from house arrest and the film "Never Sorry".... >> Read more
Interviews, 2012.11.22 Thu, by

Appreciation of Oldness

Galerie Urs Meile is pleased to announce the opening of Shao Fan’s very first solo exhibition at our gallery, “Appreciation of Oldness: The Paintings of Shao Fan,” in which we will showcase more than ten of his latest paintings. >> Read more

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