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2020.10.23 Fri, by

Marc Schmitz & Han Feng at M68 Berlin

October 16th – 30th – 2020 Berlin – Shanghai | M68 – Berlin | La Chapelle – Shanghai M68, (Möckernstraße 68, basement Aufgang D, entrance D) Saturday October 17th 2 – 6 pm Finissage Thursday October 29th 4 – 6 pm (From October 19th – 30th, opening hours by appointment only) Group Exhibition ShanghART Beijing, […] >> Read more
2016.09.21 Wed, by

“Alchemical Dissent: Silkworms, Mushrooms and Random Brush Strokes” | Liang Shaoji, Josef Ramaseder and Feng Lianghong

The three artists from the exhibition in Times Art Museum Beijing combine similar qualities of thought in a mysterious way. They focus on simple interplay between biological elements and on physical reactions. >> Read more
2016.04.29 Fri, by

The Third Script:

Pearl Lam Galleries is pleased to present The Third Script, an exhibition featuring works by Singaporean filmmaker Boo Junfeng and Hong Kong artist Linda C.H. Lai. >> Read more
2016.03.28 Mon, by

Xue Feng: “The Tranquility Series –new paintings”

Boers-Li Gallery is pleased to announce Xue Feng’s third solo exhibition, “The Tranquility Series –newpaintings” opening on the March 19th. This is his 3rd solo show in the gallery, after “Flashback” in 2011 and “Enclosure” in 2013. Xue Feng is one of the young emerging artists born in the 70’s generation who is able to […] >> Read more
Interviews, 2013.08.28 Wed, by

Interview with Liu Chunfeng

“@What—New Contemporary Art from China” (ArtMIA Caochangdi Space) marked the twentieth anniversary of diplomatic relations between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of Korea. Liang Shuhan interviews curator Liu Chunfeng for a better understanding of the Sino-Korean dialogue in contemporary art. >> Read more
Interviews, 2013.05.09 Thu, by

Ji – Wang Lifeng’s Solo Exhibition

Red Gate Gallery is proud to present a new exhibition Wang Lifeng. Being one of the early practitioners of Chinese contemporary abstract paintings, Wang Lifeng is known for his creation with mixed media materials such as rubbings, >> Read more
Interviews, 2012.12.19 Wed, by

Living on the Surface–Wang Fenghua Solo Exhibition

Living on the Surface  By Su Lei How to record the relation between art ideological trends and the society in past twenty years? What does it do with future? As a traditional artist with strong realistic approach, Wang Fenghua is free from focusing on spiritual depicts on portrait and showing off realistic techniques that of  usual […] >> Read more
Interviews, 2020.09.24 Thu, by

Han Feng interview
surface and erasure

In 2019 Han Feng moved with his family from Shanghai to Berlin. After establishing his new studio, he began working on a new series of paintings in which the support – the ‘stretcher’ – comprises an object, usually a household item Han Feng found in a junkshop in the city >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2020.09.23 Wed, by

The Maschkera
A story inspired by Han Feng’s new work

Jumping and whooping, men swept by in costumes covered in fabric petals, their bodies thawed into fluttering colors. It took Andy a moment to realize that their swollen, red features and black, hollowed eyes belonged to wooden masks. >> Read more
Artist profiles, 2018.06.25 Mon, by

‘Brushwork and True Feeling’
Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok

Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok is proud to announce the opening of a new group exhibition on June 23 entitled “Brushwork and True Feeling.” >> Read more

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